EPART has been founded to lead the corporate division process by obtaining the requirements and potential in construction sector. Our company has been developing itself without compromising and principles ever since.

EPART aims to build office systems that create happy and flawless working environments. We provide service with our professional team (domestic and international) developing our range of products and proficiency in dismantle free movable wall systems.

Our mission is to create more efficiency for our customers by providing new tech products and creating comfortable working stations and office system solutions.

Cyclical developments have brought up a form of corporate understanding that is fast, decision taking, and target oriented and open for change. Through this vision; dismantle office systems are the best way to fit in today’s world of corporate offices.

Transparent glass walls decorated with jalousie or gritty folio that can be easily dismantled and are easy to carry; provide a safe and peaceful working environment for the companies.

We have a team of professionals who love developing themselves, love what they do and are team players. As we develop our team; we primarily attempt to evaluate the applications that have been sent to our database.

You may send your application to us in order to be evaluated when necessary.

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Epart Team believes in a management philosophy that requires open communication and attributive attitude.

We aim our staff to work as a team rather than individuals. Forming a project necessitates leadership assets, evaluation of the organization and understanding the assets of authority and motivation. That is why our team prioritizes the respect and communications assets of a project during the process and aim to reach accurate finalization on the project as their best by providing new and fresh ideas for it.