Life style brings up the need for use and application of single glazing (glass to glass) system. The system uses coloured and sand blasted glass etc. and profile with minimum wall thickness, thereby forming moderate lines where transparency is used at its height.

Full modules placed beside the door allows for mounting and intervening in air-conditioning control panel, lighting fixture and management panel.
Door module has been designed as a single unit as much as possible until the ceiling in general and hence strength and depth were delivered to the environment.
The system designed by considering visual simplicity for busy schedule has been resolved with a profile of minimum thickness on the wall, ceiling and floor and hence cimplicity of the environment has been ensured.
Semi-transparency and visual depth can be provided by colored and sandblasted folio application.
In the system, which allows for sand blasted folio application, folio can be removed and a different folio can be applied.
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Wall Thickness 45 mm
Widths Grids preferred 300 / 600 / 900 / 1000 / 1100 mm
Heights 2100 – 3250 mm
Weight 25 – 42 kg/m2
Profile System Two piece lid with eloxal aluminium clips wall profile with wall base (ceiling-floor-wall profile)
Tolerance +/-10 mm in height and width
Glass Units 45 degrees corner running, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6 mm laminated or tempered glass, transparent or ruled opaque folio covered
Vertical Connection Transparent H profile with polycarbonate based silicon band between 2 glasses
Sound Inusulation Rwp < 42 db
Corner Profiles 2 channelled transparent (l) profiles or aluminium corner profile
Full Module Both faces panel with solid wood or laminated door sides banded with 2 mm PVC bands
Station Profile 50 x 150 mm aluminium profile with 2 mm wall thickness
Door Frame Aluminium E6/EV1 Eloxal electrostatic powdered paint
Wing Melamine, solid wood or laminated covering and security glass wings
Knob, Lock, Hinge MAB brand lock and hinge, HAFELE WERNER brand knob lock, stainless rod knob etc.