The mono block units manufactured with 8-10 mm tempered single glass prepared in the factory are assembled on top of each other or side by side and the system is completed. The floor base profiles used within the system allow access of the installation cables and assembly of the electricity armatures.

Allows application even in production areas...
In the case of the system with horizontal and vertical joint, formed with 8-10 mm tempered glass provides visual depth inside the profile.
It accommodates the facility to easily replace a full module with glass and door module, or a glass module with full and door module.
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System Thickness 100 mm
Profile Thicknesses Wall thicknesses of 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 mm
Profile Color Electrostatic paint and eloxal
Piping Color Light grey or black
Joint Width 8 mm
Panel Material 19 mm solid wood or melamine covered
Insulating Band 50 x 3mm Polyethylene sound insulating band
Sound Insulation 47 db (for full modules)
Fire Standard F30 (30min)
Base Profile The base has a height of 100 mm allowing floor profile cable access and has a section which can be seen is 80 mm. The furniture base lid may be opened and cable may be added and data, plug, alike and electricity armatures may be assembled. The code differences between floor and ceiling are solved with feet having variable adjustment function.
Module Combination The mono block trays prepared are placed adjacent to or one on another with the jointing profiles and vertical and horizontal jointing system is formed. Blac or grey jointing piping is applied to the jointing gaps.
Glass Units The profiles painted with electrostatic powder or eloxal aluminium profiles and the prefabricated mono block unit formed by using 8-10 mm tempered single glass are available for application of sandblasted glass (full glass, semi glass, full module, horizontal glass module)
Wing Melamine, solid wood or laminated covering and security glass wings
Knob, Lock, Hinge MAB brand lock and hinge, HAFELE WERNER brand knob lock, stainless rod knob etc.